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Experience our Brand New:

Wellness Pod

  • Patented dual heat system- infrared & dry heat
  • Near, mid, and far infrared rays
  • Cooling facial air system
  • Automated aromatherapy steam system to heighten the experience
  • Healing technology to help with wounds and skin disorders
  • Serene LED homeopathy lights
  • Easy access hand ports for convenient controls


  • Promotes relaxation & stress management
  • Helps to maintain weight management or assist with weight loss goals
  • Improves mental acuity
  • Anti-aging
  • Assists in firming, toning, and improving physical fitness
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle sleep management choices
  • Customized vibration massage

Body Wraps and Treatments

Dead Seaweed Mud Wrap $125:

 Our powerful Dead Sea mud is mixed with the essential oils to enhance the detoxification effect. The enhanced mud is heated and then applied to the entire body after a dry loofa scrub. You are wrapped in Mylar foil and covered with heated thermal blankets to intensify the powerful detoxifying properties. An energy balancing mask is applied to the face at which lymphatic drainage is performed on the face and neck. A foot mask is then massaged into the feet. Then slip into paradise in our 120 jet less Jacuzzi with scotch hose hydrotherapy under water massage that creates an exotic mustard bath and sea pool which allows reduction of cellulite and promotes removal of toxins in the body.
Tr. Time 1 hour

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Back Treatment w/ Deep Pore Cleansing $120:

A detoxifying cleansing treatment done to eliminate back acne and blackheads. A light cleansing is done followed by aromatherapy steam and mild exfoliating scrub with goat hair bush to help loosen dead skin. A glycolic peel is applied to further exfoliate the area and reduce scars. A light back massage is performed followed by a pure eucalyptus mask. At this point a foot and leg massage is performed followed by removal of mask with warm towels.
Tr. Time 1 hour

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Back Treatment w/Paraffin & Volcanic Mud $120:

This therapeutic back treatment was created to reduce muscle tension and break up adhesions to allow the proper back alignment and posture. A scrub is applied with ginkgo baloba to show signs of tension. Then a rich amino acid ampoule is applied and massaged in to break down the lactic acid that builds up in the muscle. A warm rich application of parafango mud is brushed on the entire back at which point warm towels are applied. Legs and foot massage is performed at this point. The Parafango is then removed and a back massage is performed to work stress release. An ultimate that cannot be turned down. Voted number "1" treatment for therapeutic spa services.
Tr. Time 60 minutes

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Sculptice Body weight reduction Treatment $140:

Full Body GX-99 Lymphatice massage equipment with firming and weight loss oil reduction.  A sculptice block of herbs and special cold compress plaster is applied to smooth out cellulite and work with stretch marks.  Hydrotherapy jet tub finishes this treatment.
Tr. Time 60 minutes

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Weight Reduction / Anti-Cellulite Treatment $140:

GX-99 Lymphatic massage equipment is used to aid in cellulite reduction. A herbal and slim plaster slimming wrap is followed to eliminate toxins and smooth cellulite. This treatment will reduce cellulite appearance and tighten and firm skin tissue. .
Tr. Time 90 minutes

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Self-Tanning Airbrushing $40:

A natural tan without the harmful effects of the sun. In 3-4 hours your tan will fully appear.
Tr. Time 30 minutes

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Hair and Scalp Therapy $50:

This invigorating scalp therapy is tailored to each client’s specific need. Three different solutions are offered for any hair type. All products have been formulated by a dermatologist and produce remarkable results. The treatment for thinning hair is the most popular and results are unbelievable! Also available is a strengthening treatment for chemically treated hair as well as a hydrating treatment for dry hair and scalp. Included with this service, an aroma therapy steam hairdryer is used to intensify the treatment while a 10 minute chair massage is performed. High frequency currents are combed through the hair to stimulate the scalp and increase circulation. The hair is then shampooed. *Blow drying may be extra depending upon hair.
Tr. Time 30 minutes

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Shiradora Indian Head Therapy $125:

This is an Ayurveda medicinal treatment of Indian head massage with herbal oil conditioners followed by pouring (Shira) a warm sesame oil contained in a copper and wicker apparatus over the (Dora) third eye. This promotes healing by raising serotonin levels for complete relaxation. Foot and hand reflexology included.
Tr. Time 1 hour

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Hot Rock Lastone Therapy $125:

This full body massage is combined with the use of lava rocks that have been heated to 115° Fahrenheit and warm grape seed oil. The lava rocks are also utilized on specific Chakra points to promote harmony and good health. These special stones increase serotonin levels in the body to induce relaxation. This treatment also promotes healing for many medical conditions.
Tr. Time 75 minutes

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Body Polishing Package $220:

This two part body peel is the perfect way to soften and invigorate tired skin and body. First you are exfoliated with a gentle papaya peel, next followed by glycolic treatment gel. Finally slip into your own private utopia in our 120 jet less hydrotherapy bath with scotch hose underwater therapy followed by a one hour hydration body massage aromatherapy lotion.
Tr. Time 2 hours

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