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Therapeutic Massage 

SpaEnjoy Platinum One Year Membership $99 


Infra-red sauna or body-jet shower complimentary with all massages.  Massages include aromatherapy and warm towels.

Massages Available in Series:

Relaxing Swedish Massage: Member $74 - Nonmember $90

Light movements that are calming and relaxing. This technique can be combined with various trigger point movements to ease muscle tension. Excellent for quite time and stress reduction. 

30 minutes - $55;   45 minutes - $70;   60 minutes - $90;  90 minutes - $125

Deep Tissue and Sports: Member $79 - Nonmember $100

Cross fiber friction combined with trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage to aid in adhesive reduction and relief of pain. Stretching manipulations are done to allow proper body alignment. Excellent for weight lifters, runners, or anyone with chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain.

30 minutes - $60;  45 minutes - $80;   60 minutes - $100     90 minutes - $140

CBD 200 mg Massage add on $20

Hot Stone Massage add on $25


Shiatsu/Thai  $120:

A combination of meridian compression and stretching movements done in a unique style of futon floor massage. Excellent for increasing circulation and flexion in all of the body areas and a sense of total well-being.                    

60 minutes

Couples Massage w/Amenities $240:        

Side by Side Only $190

Amenities include a Romantic setting for two served with rose petals and chocolate dipped strawberries wine or champagne. Both prices  infrared sauna, and body-jet shower for two.               

60 minutes

Pregnancy Massage:

Light, calming Swedish movements in conjunction with energy work techniques used to promote health and relaxation for both mom and baby. This method of massage is done in a sideline technique with 45 degree elevation to allow proper blood flow to the placenta and heart. This is a greatly beneficial treatment for preparation for delivery during the last 5 months of pregnancy.  45 minutes $80 ;  60 minutes $95


Healing and spiritual massage. All energy work to help Chakra release and peace. 45 minutes $80;  60 minutes $95


Pressure point massage for the feet and/or hands utilized to relieve calcium build up on nerve endings that lead to specific organs through meridians of the body. This treatment includes hydrotherapy with sugar scrub for the feet as well as crystal therapy.  30 min $55;  45 min $75.

Cranial Sacral Therapy  $120:

An energy work and release therapy performed to balance spinal alignment and remove pressures of cranial compression. Excellent for vertigo, chronic back pain, chronic ear infection, and overall wellness. 60 Minutes

Manual Lymph Drainage  $120:

A combination of Dr. Vodder and Dr. Chickly Techniques used to drain impurities and toxins of protein that hold infection and cause swelling of the extremities. Used in conjunction with Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy  for cancer patients. This method also stimulates colon response in the removal of toxins and waste to aid in weight loss. 60 Minutes

Shirodhara Indian Head Massage $130

An Ayurvedic medicinal treatment with a full back massage and an Indian head Massage with herbal oil conditioners, followed by pouring (shira) warm sesame oil contained in a copper pot over the (dora) third eye. Promotes healing by raising serotonin levels and for relaxation  60 Minutes

Chair Massages

  • 15 minutes $30

Hot Rock Stone Massage $140

This 70 minutes Full body massage is combined with the use of lava rocks that have been heated to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and warm grape seed oil. Chakra points are used to promote harmony and good health. These stones increase serotonin levels in the body to induce relaxation. An optional marble flushing is done on extremities to promote health and sleep. 70 Minutes

Body Massage with Paraffin Mud $135

This therapeutic back treatment was created to reduce muscle tension and break up adhesions to allow the proper back alignment and posture. A Ginkgo biloba scrub is applied then a rich amino acid ampoule is massaged to break down lactic acid in the muscle. A warm rich application of para-fango mud is brushed on the entire back. A full body massage is included. This is voted our signature treatment the best. 60 Minutes



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